What are Public Affairs?

Public Affairs…Not To Be Confused With Public Speaking


I wanted to know what the term ‘public affairs’ really meant. So i looked it up on the internet. I booted up netscape navigator and typed in the term ‘public affairs’ – and the information that was retrieved even bored the internet.

link to consultancy

I discovered that Public affairs is a phrase used to describe company’s relationship with its shareholders. It might be as simple as that. Maybe not THAT simple because people make thousands of dollars a year in it.
So it’s nothing to do with being a comedian or a funny guy..it’s to do with how well a company relates to its shareholders…Yep. Finance is even more boring than you thought.

Here is a great/boring public affairs video from youtube.

And here is a video about public speaking to prove that this website has nothing to do with it.   So please do not watch this video.

I’m telling you that Public Affairs has nothing to do with a certain dude I know in who is a top comedian in Newcastle Australia. It has nothing to do with him because he does public speaking. He doesn’t do public affairs stuff. He’s too freaking busy.